(Rainer Fabich, soprano sax, Vasja Legisa, violoncello, recording Quattro Donne/SOP SAX TUNES)

Rainer Fabich started playing piano at the age of six, church organ at the age of nine and clarinet when turning eleven, tought by his father Fred Fabich (head teacher, author & organist) and uncle Toni Fabich (bohemian musician and marching band conductor).

At the age of 13 he studied the saxophone as an autodiact. Since his childhood he played solo and performed together with many different pop, jazz and bavarian brass bands (i.e. „Take Five“, „Downtown Dixie Stompers“, „Weilheimer Stadtkapelle“) on concerts, parties and events in the area south of Munich with his brothers and friends.

During and after studying music at the Munich Music University (main instrument: clarinet, second: piano) he played in different funk, jazz and rock bands as a saxophonist and clarinetist (i.e. „Parzival“, „Rock Requiem“, „Eiszeit“). He also recorded many tracks as a soloist for CD-, TV- and -film music productions, i.e. with Enjott Schneider, Ralph Siegel/Jupiter Records, July Paul. He worked with juvenile musicians and as a conductor for Big Band („Jazzmess“, „Jammin Factory“) and with the „Al Dente Saxophone Quartet“.

With his jazz duo „Two in Groove“ with Gerry Bickl (piano) he had many live and studio performances at the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcast) and other places.

The Duo Fajora with Andrea Regenauer (harp) plays music of Rainer Fabich.

As a founding member of Germany’s first film music orchestra, Erste Bayerische Filmfoniker he is playing the soprano saxophone. One of his favourite things is jamming …

(Zusammen mit El Zitheracchi)

(Jamsession mit Roberto Di Gioia/piano, Ladi Geissler/git, Patrick Scales/bass, Guido May/drums, Rainer Fabich/sopran-sax)

(Jamsession mit Manfred Schoof/trumpet, Rainer Fabich/sopran-sax)

(Recording Jam mit Klaus Burger)

On all his CD-, TV-, radio- and film recordings of his music he plays all the clarinet and saxophone takes, the sample player takes and many keyboard takes.